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For a new perspective of the world, get down on your hands and knees and slowly crawl around your home. Pretend that you are a ten month-old baby and everything you see is new, interesting, and can be tested in your mouth. There are uncovered electrical outlets (ever notice how much they look like little faces?), dangling cords of all kinds, the red glow of a surge power strip. And that’s not to mention staircases, toilets, and cabinets where cleaners or medicine are stored – Top three dangers in a home – Falls from windows and stairs, various burns, hanging cords that are more than 7 inches in length.

Safety for Toddlers has done extensive research regarding which products perform properly when protecting your child from danger or harm. There are many items available that because they are ineffective, can lead to a false sense of security, thereby endangering your child.

Safety for Toddlers offers at no charge a room by room consultation in the greater Seattle-Eastside Metro area (including: South Snohomish, North Bend, Des Moines and Kent). Outside of the Seattle-Eastside Metro perimeter, we do have a nominal fee for travel time.

Safety for Toddlers stocks all of the better quality products suggested on your room-by-room courtesy visit from us. We offer products from over two dozen manufacturers that can be purchased and installed yourself or for an additional fee have us install some or all of the safety products. Contact us for an appointment!

Safety for Toddlers is a service-oriented company and want to make sure that you have products that work for your specific situation. Therefore, we do not produce a catalog.

Areas of In Home Safety issues

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